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Tutorial – Playing Video with SubTitles in AS3 – Part 1

Hi Everyone,

The series on Playing FLV files in AS3 was probably the most popular post on this blog. So I thought I would take it one step further: show SubTitles from an .SRT file over the FLV while it is playing.

First, you need to read this post by Jankees van Woezik. He did a great job at making a SRT parser, although; well, I wouldn’t convert everything right away but rather do it on-demand; but that is a small detail.

Then you need to find yourself a SRT file. There are plenty on the internet, I took the Star Wars subtitles, changed the time a little bit, and ended up with this SRT file.

The video I chose I got using TubeGrip, it is basically a Telemark skiing video, which I love and miss. This video is a mp4 format using H.264 codec, which is supported by Flash Player 10 and over. Much more pretty. You can get those from TubeGrip off YouTube.

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Cashback the movie

Hi everyone,

last night I watched the movie Cashback from Sean Ellis. It is a beautiful movie about beauty, sensitivity, the women body. It’s a movie that I would suggest to all sensitive men out ther who are in a respectful awe of the women body in all it’s different ways of expressing itself.

It brought me back to my teenage years, to remembering my first relationships, to memories of childhood also.

Here is the cover :

cashback covert

I give it a solid 4.5 stars.