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Tutorial – Consuming REST web services in ActionScript 3 – Part 4

Hi Everyone,

this is a follow-up to the following posts:

In this post, I will add code to identify each request uniquely, give you a class called “AbstractClient” that will handle most of the mechanics and is easily extended. The idea is to give you a base on which to build. Essentially, for every service call you will want to make you will need 2 functions:

  • A public function that will send the request out
  • a protected function that will receive the response, digest it and dispatch an event

For those who’d like to go ahead and enjoy the goods right away, I will write this tutorial so it can be read and understood on it’s own.

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Tutorial – Consuming REST web services in ActionScript 3 – Part 1

Hello Everyone,

today I will discuss the method I have developed to consume RESTfull web services using AS3. This method was developped over time, I have written many different web service clients since last summer, about 20 of them; for different web services. Some of them require no parameters at all, some of them require GET params only, while others require GET & POST parameters. Continue reading