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A botched delivery

Almost a month ago today, I was in my client’s office YellowPages Group. I was delivering on a module that would allow the integration of “conversation” as a means of communication in their apps. They called it the Tinder module; I call it Converse.

I was such a mess, so reacting, afraid to deliver, afraid to get judged, afraid I couldn’t deliver, afraid of being afraid. Such a scary moment. With my therapist I’d been working hard on exposing the wounds, to the point where they were just too much. The wounds are many.
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Extending Female Orgasm – How To


Following yesterday’s post, I thought that maybe I could write a “how to”. You know, for those of you who haven’t slept around as much or tried as many thing; Normal people, who’d like to stay normal but would still like to enjoy this little perk.

I’m not calling this Extending Female Orgasm for Dummies. Yet. hahaha.

So, here are the pointers. First, it is a two person thing, until you completely master it. The woman would need to tell her man, that moment, when she is committed to orgasm. Normally girls would say something like: “OMG! I’m going to cum”. Yeah, that moment. We guys get it too; you know how it feels. Ask her to tell you. You don’t have to explain why, just tell her you feel like trying “something”. Now guys, when your lady screams that out, this ISN’T the time to start decelerating. Although if you are really fucking good at it, you can make her go crazy if you start decelerating now, and reaccelerate, and again decelerate when she gets close again, and accelerate again and yadiyadiyada. But that would be teasing and it’s an expert move. Trust me on this for now; I know a woman or two who would slap you on the face if you did it the on the wrong day.
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A day trip to Whiteface Mountain (Vermont)

Yesterday I went hiking at Whiteface Mountain (Vermont) with my friend Yann. It is about 2hrs drive from Montreal, and we left pretty early. Got surprised that the Champlain bridge was closed, had to do many detours; and it was raining a bit when we got there but thankfully as we got closer rain became snow! Here are some pics.

Mexico Airport isn’t pretty


Mexico airport isn’t exactly pretty, I mean I think they tried. It is situated on a hill, with incredible views on each side, but you can’t see much of it unfortunately. It has an open air concept which is quite appealing, I like the ‘idea’ behind it, but the execution is probably similar to most modern architecture projets… it looks great on computer screens but in real life.. meh.

That being said, there are quite insteresting things you can do with a camera and the lights there; which are in fact tiny windows to the outside. :)

Flurry API in Mono for Android

Hi Everyone,

We have been using Mono for Android at Taste Filter since may. I love coding in C#, it is much faster than coding in Java with all the shortcuts (events, delegates, actions, etc). Mono for Android is generally very good too.

One thing that is lacking, is the amount of Bindings available for it. We need fairly specific analytics at Taste Filter, since we are introducing new ways to interact with content, new touch enabled controls. We want to know what is going on; how people are interacting with it. Have using Google Analytics isn’t stellar; we want a better tool. More reporting, more information passed to the system gathering the stats.

I tried using the automated process for creating a binding from a JAR, but it didn’t yield good results; lots and lots of errors which I did not understand; didn’t seem to be documented.

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The Notman House Project

First this is purely and entirely my own opinion.

If you go over to the project’s website, you get this little summary:
Built in 1845, Notman House is a historic landmark property located at the intersection of Montreal’s downtown core and creative Plateau neighborhood. It has, thanks to the community‚Äôs role, become a beacon to entrepreneurship, open collaboration and peer-to-peer learning. Currently, Notman House offers short-term office space for early stage technology Startups, office space for venture investors and entrepreneurial support organizations, a co-working space for freelancers, and an event space for Startup and tech community events.

And before that, you get a clear overview of who put money into the project. Those are private firms, investment bodies, and different levels of government. This project is, clearly, backed by all powers that be.
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Tutorial – Creating a reusable Slider Control / Component

Hi Everyone,

Today I will cover the subject of creating a reusable slider control which takes two bitmaps as resources. The thumb bitmap will slide on the rail bitmap. It is a very simple concept!

We will basically take this image:
and this one:
and make this (try it, move that knob):

In fact, the code you are about to write will take ANY two images and create a slider with them. Just like magic, as long as your images make some sense ( a track and a button ), it should be golden!

Starting Point
When I started writing this tutorial, I was still using the Flash IDE; but since then I am free!! I now use exclusively FlashDevelop. With that in mind, the package to start the coding, if you want to follow along is here. You will need FlashDevelop & the Flex SDK 3.4 or newer.
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Tutorial – Multi Touch in AS3 / Flash Player 10.1 – Part 2. TouchEvent & MouseEvent Sequences

Hi Everyone,

In this installment I will cover the TouchEvent and how it is intertwined with MouseEvent. First you need to understand that touches will fire MouseEvent‘s too. You will get a TouchEvent first, then a MouseEvent. This can prove annoying in some cases, and good in others.

For the complete listing of TouchEvent‘s as well as some basic description of the information it carries please refer to this page.
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Tutorial – Consuming REST web services in ActionScript 3 – Part 4

Hi Everyone,

this is a follow-up to the following posts:

In this post, I will add code to identify each request uniquely, give you a class called “AbstractClient” that will handle most of the mechanics and is easily extended. The idea is to give you a base on which to build. Essentially, for every service call you will want to make you will need 2 functions:

  • A public function that will send the request out
  • a protected function that will receive the response, digest it and dispatch an event

For those who’d like to go ahead and enjoy the goods right away, I will write this tutorial so it can be read and understood on it’s own.

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SWF TextField Factory — Dynamically Loading Fonts in AS3 using Flex SDK 3.4

Hi Everyone,

it has been a long while since I wrote! Been busy. Now I have some time and the first thing I did is to get away from the Flash IDE completely. I had been waiting to be able to debug directly in FlashDevelop for a while, tried some extension that didn’t work, then Philippe did actually fix another one and it works beautifully. You can find the link here, look for Version 0.9.7 at the bottom of the first post. Unzip into your FlashDevelop plug-ins folder, restart FlashDevelop and bravo!

So I am Flash IDE Free!! Woohooo. Then the first thing I wanted to master is the Preloader, and FlashDevelop has a very nice “AS3 with Preloader” project template. It is very easy to work with. Very beautiful.

Now the next challenge, loading fonts dynamically. Euh, well, I used to do it from a FLA, was easy. But using the Flex SDK 3.4 it seems that some things changed. After HOURS of playing around, I ended up with the following system:

  • embed the font inside of a swf that contains a Main class + the font class
  • create a function that will spawn textfields already using the font inside this Main class

Although this system has some limitations, it works beautifully.

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