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YouTube Data API – new rollout

Hi Everyone,

YouTube released a few days ago a new version of their data API. You can now interact with the system; you are no longer limited to simply retreiving publicly available information. You can now

  • Add, Remove and Modify Favorites
  • Create, Modify and Delete Playlists
  • Add To, Remove From and Reorder Playlists
  • Upload, Delete and Update Videos
  • Rate and Comment Videos

To enable these actions, you need to login through the standard Google API Authentication procedure. I have succeeded in doing so, and using all the actions mentionned above that can be done using POST and GET. However I realized that with Flash CS3 you are not allowed to use PUT & DELETE http methods.
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Tutorial – Using Google Analytics to track activity inside of a Flash or Flex AS3 application

Hi Everyone,

do you develop complex AS3 applications and wonder how people interact with them? You could build yourself a webservice to which you would send event details, but then how would you visualize the data?

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FlashDevelop 3.0.0 Beta 6 is out!

Hi Everyone,

A side-note to start, I have been developing software for over 12 years. I started in C, then came C++, Java (6 years), C#, PHP, the whole shabang. Overall, the best IDE I’ve ever used is Intellij Idea. It is simply brilliant, or used to be some 5 years ago. It introduced Refactoring before anyone else, cleaned up your code for you, removed excessive spaces, just made everything tidier.

Although I consider Eclipse to be a good choice, especially coupled with FDT from PowerFlasher, Eclipse is bloated. Intellij Idea used less than 30 mb of RAM way back then, and I consider an IDE should never use any more than 50 mb of RAM, even for the most complex projects.

FlashDevelop is a brilliant alternative. It has gotten significantly better this last year, with true AS3 support, incredible auto-complete, auto-import and now even setter/getter generation built-in. I has a RegEx panel too, I think that one is a plug-in tho.

Basically Mika & Philippe are doing an amazing job. Plus it’s FREE.

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Youtube Data API AS3 – First Tutorial

Hi everyone,

In this tutorial I will demonstrate how to use the YouTube Data API AS3 Library to:

  • search for videos using a keywords, categories and tags;
  • demonstrate how to distinguish between feeds returned to you by the API by using the requestId;
  • get information from the result feed, in this case a VideoFeed object. We will get the video, it’s main URL, then go through the different thumbnails available for a specific video.

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Getting around the crossdomain.xml file when loading images in as3

Hi Guys,

I recently had to load images on from a website that doesn’t contain a crossdomain.xml file. Although it works fine in the authoring environment, it’s quite a pain in the butt when you put it live on a website, suddenly those images don’t show up, or you can’t manipulate them..

The problem arises when you try to access the “content” property of your “Loader” object. It throws a SecurityError.

The solution is quite simple.
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YouTube Data API ActionScript 3

Hi Everyone,

so after a little research I found mostly outdated YouTube API’s out there. Even the ones on Adobe Labs refers to the pre-Google version of the YouTube API, which required a Key which you can’t get anymore.

So I set on a journey, a journey to build the AS3 Client Library for the YouTube Data API. 13 hours and 37 classes later, I’m about 90% done. I hardtyped everthing to make it completely auto-complete friendly. You have data-specific Iterators which spit out specific data objects, you have feeds, events, everything is a bit overkill but it makes it so you can explore everything from the auto-complete.
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XIFF + Flash CS3 + AS3 Experiment (tiny preview)

Hi all,

i am writing a chat client with XIFF (XIFF is an ActionScript library to communicate with XMPP servers out there) in AS3. As I am doing so, I’ve run into a few problems, namely the unavailability of the ArrayCollection class in Flash CS3 (it’s only available in Flex 2+). I ended up writing a simplified version of a collection class based on the Array. ArrayCollection offers both Event Dispatching and the Collection’s typical functions.
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Passing parameters to a Flash 9 ActionScript 3 SWF file

Hi everyone, I found this blog entry which shed light on how to pass variables to your SWF this way :


Here is some usefull function you can use. Put it in your Document Class. For those who don’t know what that is, just put it on the stage on Frame 1 then.

So it’s quite simple to use it:

VoilĂ !


I used these articles as inspiration. Make sure you READ the FIRST COMMENT of the post since it outlines an important omission from the author.

link to Theo’s Blog entry


bug in flash player 9 only on Mac OS X and Linux


i’ve run into a bug on Mac OS X and Linux. Don’t ask me WHAT is the source, I don’t understand it. Basically I have a scrollable list (all my own components) of tracks & videos in a box, and it works fine on Windows XP but doesn’t work at all under Linux or Mac OS X. The box contains a status bar which appears on all platforms but the scrollbar & content don’t appear on Mac OS X and Linux.

Anybody has clues? I updated my version of flash player to and still the bug doesn’t happen on Windows. I had version on Windows before, while my other clients have version on Mac OS X and on Linux (I think).

How am I supposed to diagnose the cause of such a problem?