Ode to Alledani

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Sometimes, I’d say maybe twice or three times a year, you meet someone from the stars. You know those souls that have known other things than what you find here on earth. If you’re lucky that person will have known life forms that didn’t even have bodies; if you are even luckier they will have known the collective consciousness state. Mind you it’s possible to live the collective consciousness here on earth, every crystal contains souls that are in that state; crystal as in Quartz for example.

When there was the great extinction of dinosaurs for example a lot of souls who had evolved quite a bit decided to go and live in crystals while life was redevelopping. I’ve met one woman, Fabi, who was once one of those big flying dinosaurs. I saw through her soul experience the extinction of the dinosaurs, the whole sky became gray, the sun left, there was dust everywhere and she ended up landing somewhere and going to sleep while waiting. The dust didn’t lift in her lifetime; she died, and went into a quartz crystal for millions and millions of years, she lived the collective consciousness state. She is so strong, Fabi. I care for her very much.

When I meet ladies, souls of this quality, the connection is strong; almost instantaneous. Sometimes it is good, sometimes there is no bridge possible. But it feels good; it feels like a kind of recognition. And then sometimes the attraction is so strong I just don’t know how to act.

I met a girl like that recently; within seconds I could feel the attraction. And her intricate mind, with all the layers, and secret corners; and emotions. But I was such a fucking mess. I realize I did too much therapy. Yup too much I was overexposed. Anyhow. I first saw her on a picture on facebook a while back; woa i thought. You can see it in features of her face, that depth. There is a balance in the facial features with a richness to them. It’s hard to describe but I recognize it instantly. So what to do? Interestingly enough she is my friends roommate, and I’ll be around for a bit; should work out… somehow. I just hope as fuck that I can get myself back on my feet in the meantime.

We talked, it turns out we talked more on chat than on anything else; felt more secure maybe? Our universes are different. But the level of comfort I was getting from her presence was unprecedented. And that depth. The different layers of motivation, the different layers of thoughts, the different layers of emotions. I could see the interaction, how they intertwined, how one reaction caused another, and another. and then the fading back, and the love; dormant. There but dormant. The fact that the love was there already? We got close, but there was projection, and I didn’t feel good and I also felt destructive and so I destroyed. I said a few things, you know, stingers. She pulled back, but was incredibly hurt. And I saw the love go down, being repressed but just as present. I knew it’d come back, I can feel it; feel it like you feel the wind on your face, or like you feel the water in your hands. So tangible.

That is I think what makes her special to me, her consciousness is SO TANGIBLE. Most people’s consciousness is fleeting at best. You try to hunt it down as you’re having a discussion with them, trying to; hopefully, corner it somewhere; to encourage it to manifest itself. It’s not an easy feat and most times it ends up nowhere. Their consciousness isn’t yet developped. Hers. Wow. I mean I met a lot of “spiritual masters”. Nothing like this. Nowhere. Honestly, not even close.

In the images I also saw her like a landscape; a big vast landscape and creatures (me) where welcome to come and play in the landscape. She’s been a god. Hey wait a minute, I’ve been a god too. I’ll explain one day the life of a god. Although I need to clarify that by “god” I mean the lifeform that wanders the universe looking for a planet to love and care for until life develops on it. And sometimes they stick around and keep caring for the life, and sometimes they leave the planet to itself and let life do its thing.

“I love open relationships, they are the healthiest”.

yup. we agree on that.

I mean I could go on and on. It felt, to me, that in her presence I could be myself. It felt like she was a mirror, of some kind, and it’s a full color mirror with 3d depth in it. I could be, and be understood. And not spend 90% of my time justifying my actions, my behaviors. It felt so ripe for trust, for freedom, for love.

If you come accross her, maybe you can’t see all this. but you should know she’s full of love. You should know she has more insight then you can dream of. And you should know she’s a creator of worlds.

In this god, I trust.

(skip to minute 12+, the beginning kinda sucks).



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