Panorama’s of Gudauri

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Today as I was going up the “first lift” to get from Gudauri Center to the New Gudauri AppartHotels, I talked quite extensively with an interesting Georgian man. He described life there, answered most of my questions and was super instructive. Basically here is the burndown of what I collected:

  • Gudauri had 2 big snowstorms this year, one in november and one in mid february (just before I arrived)
  • The current temperatures are normal for mid-march, not mid-feb. He estimates the season will last another 3 weeks unless they get a big dump
  • Last year the snow sucked ass here.
  • Georgian Lira went down over 20% in the last 2 months (sounds like the Canadian Dollar..)
  • Appartments here in Gudauri cost between 1000$/sq meter to 2000$/sq meter. In 2005 they were 300$/sq meter.
  • Georgian hospitality is recognized, and the reason people are not nice to me here is because they can’t speak english so they feel nervous.. well apparently.
  • In Tbilisi the new generations (25 years old and before) prefer speaking english to speaking Russian.
  • Georgia wants south Ossetia back
  • Mestia is my next destination
  • And just to put some spice into all this.. here are some panoramas Google Plus generated from my pictures. Love that feature!


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