Gudauri, Georgia

0 skiing  |   February 22, 2015  |     549

Phenomenal amount of snow… of the likes I have rarely seen in my life. The quality of it when it falls was so far very dry; on the first day of skiing there was waist deep powder after a 2 minute walk from the lift. That feeling of bottomless powder, of flying almost was magical, i truly enjoyed it.

then I explored, but there were clouds, lots of clouds. white outs, snow, more snow. and I waited. On the second day I did just one run, a 15 minute skin up this ridge, which led to about 50 turns in untracked above knee deep snow, still of quite light quality.

after which, jetlag settled in, and I went to bed. Slept the whole day, unfortunately. Over night the skies cleared and brought wind, and today there was a wind crust over much of the snow. And sun crust on the most south facing aspects. The mountains are epic, and I can see in the distance where most of the “heli skiing” is happening, a relatively safe area, with a north west orientation, maybe 70 turns long (for me). 500 meters of drop? Nothing particularly exciting.

Today they opened a lift they hadn’t opened before, to be honest, it’s the most interesting lift if you are looking for steeps; but they were unhappy that people were skiing out of bounds everywhere so it got closed pretty fast. Anyhow that’s what I understood. I had the chance to do ONE run, wind crusted snow.

I’m still getting used to the new boots. They feel weird. It is easier to bend the knee, but it also feels less solid, although I can’t tell you if that is true or not.

I want to get involved; i’m here for almost 3 weeks. i need a mission. There are 3-4 peaks I want to skin up to. Although if the snow on the way down is as crusty as what I’ve been seeing today, it might be disappointing to go down; yet to do the climb, to skin up is solid experience for me. I’m likely starting tomorrow.

So that’s that. This will get edited in time, with pictures and stuff, but for now, it’s just a journal.

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