Acapulco – Playa Caleta

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Playa Caleta, in Acapulco is meant to be a family beach, which means smaller waves, and lots of kids running around. I went there a bit late during the day; but this is what it looked like.

Sept 16th, 2014.

Look on the lower left to find where this beach is located.

Caleta beach is on the lower left.

Caleta beach is on the lower left.

  • September 20, 2014 at 5:05 am


    Nice pics!
    I like real time photos picturing daily activities.
    Le decoupage des poissons faire dure un peu .. Ca me coupe l’appetit Aaaagh… 🙁
    What is retirement age in Mexico though ? …. 90 or death? Lol

    Thanks for these moments captured 🙂

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