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Hi Everyone,

I whipped up a little application that finds an artist on, gathers his top tracks. Then you can select a track from the list and it will play the first video that matches the search on YouTube. It was just for fun, again proof-of-concept for a much more interactive application I have in mind. You can try it below. Full source code + explanations to follow tomorrow.

[UPDATE 29.12.2008]
Sorry no source code yet, but I did add thumbnails for the videos found on YouTube in the right hand side + now if you click on the video you’ll get redirected to the YouTube page. I’ll post the code + explanations tomorrow (hopefully!).

[OTHER UPDATE] is down sometimes. If this happens you will get the list of videos on the right but if you click them nothing happens…

Ooops, looks like the flash app is too wide for this wordpress theme! lol.



  • January 28, 2009 at 4:22 pm


    Hi Martin,
    Really great tutorials and applications here. However I have a small request, I have to design an application in flex using the api. In other words the application will be tag cloud based (how one thing is associated to another). I am still very new flex, and I have been reading up on tutorials etc, on how to create a mashup in flex using the api’s supplied by the various social networking sites (twitter, digg etc). However I am having a hard time understanding how to use the api. I would be very greatfull if you could guide me in this process? How to use the api key, calling the methods etc. If you get a chance could you please reply back via mail.


  • March 11, 2009 at 11:00 am


    Hi Martin,

    Very good application using lastfm and youtube !!

    Can you share your source code?

    I am very interested by your code.


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