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Hi Everyone,

A few months ago, while playing with my Live Discovery prototype, I decided to plug it onto Last.FM webservices in order to discover new music. It works awesome, with 5 minutes of using it I discovered about 10 new bands that I appreciate, some more than others, but still. In 5 minutes!

LastFM QuickDiscovery Screen Shot

I’ve improved it quite a bit since, I made this thing I think in October. I actually licensed a copy of the engine to Music Nation. You can see it on their home page, go there, start using then LaunchPad then switch to the MatchBox (button on the bottom right).

Anyhow, to go back to the LastFM webservice API, I added most of the functions to cover the data from the artists, which are lacking from the lastfm-as3 project.

You can get the source here:



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