bug in flash player 9 only on Mac OS X and Linux

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i’ve run into a bug on Mac OS X and Linux. Don’t ask me WHAT is the source, I don’t understand it. Basically I have a scrollable list (all my own components) of tracks & videos in a box, and it works fine on Windows XP but doesn’t work at all under Linux or Mac OS X. The box contains a status bar which appears on all platforms but the scrollbar & content don’t appear on Mac OS X and Linux.

Anybody has clues? I updated my version of flash player to and still the bug doesn’t happen on Windows. I had version on Windows before, while my other clients have version on Mac OS X and on Linux (I think).

How am I supposed to diagnose the cause of such a problem?


  • August 7, 2007 at 5:12 pm


    actually the bug happens when you set either the x or y parameter of a DisplayObject or derivative to an undefined value, it disappears and it’s impossible to make it appear again; no matter what values you put on the x or y.

    This bug only happens under Mac OS or Linux versions of the player and not the windows version.

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