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i subscribed to PlentyOfFish today; an online dating site which is entirely free. What can I say? Well, to start i want to travel around BC in a week or two and am looking for interesting people on the way who could show me around a bit, give me insider tips and share a moment with me. I think they’d appreciate my company, no matter who they are. I’m a nice guy ain’t I?

First contact is always odd, and maybe through chat it makes it less intense and more surreal. Could it be easier? Well I don’t know. What I do know is I don’t like the distance, the protection of being behind your computer screen. I don’t like the fact that there are SOOO many out there, where does it end?

I was also asking myself a question: If I was in a bar and tried to talk to all girls I find interesting, people would judge me; so there is a threshold. Online, they cannot know! So when do you become a nobody who is simply trying to find a spark ANYWHERE? Where do you draw the line?

I messaged 4 or 5 girls, in different towns where I would like to go. They are pretty, obviously, I appreciate pretty girls, but mostly I liked their profiles as beauty is ‘éphémère’ or transitory (according to Google Translate!). I’m looking for interesting creatures, girls I could share a TRUE moment with and GROW with. Grow as in experience something new, different, no matter what it is; I am curious and am always looking to learn new things.

Then I found out you could chat live with people directly on the site. It was late at night (2am here), and the girl (very nice I thought) who lives in Kelowna was up late too (1am there); a little stoned from what I could see and what she told me. I guess i managed to spike her interest enough, she invited me to a webcam session.

It was my FIRST TIME! arrgh. Did I like it? Well, it was nice to see reactions on her face when I told her particular things. Sometimes she smiled or frowned; it adds a level of interaction. But it’s seggregated, you are close but not really, hidden behind a computer far away; it is fake I find, compared to real encounters. I will use it with moderation. She made me laugh, I made her laugh too, we exchanged reasons why we think we are weird, thoughts about other people.. not bad I thought for a first conversation; although had we been one in front of the other the conversation would have evolved much quicker to become much more interesting. There is energy that emanates from me, and people feel confortable around me. They will open up easily and share private things within an hour if I wish to go that way. I find that very interesting; I do not judge people either. There is always space for you around me, no matter how weird or different or insane you can be! I have no issues; it helps. Bottom line is I hope to see her when I drive to Kelowna, she’s an interesting creature and I think we could share a good moment together; may it be a hike, a motorcycle drive, a night out at clubs, a joint (i don’t smoke much but there can be exceptions), few thoughts… or.. mmmm passion! I don’t have expectations except that of being a TRUE moment.

Will I do it again? I guess so. Not too much. I think i’ll take some nice pictures of myself first, so they can get a better idea of what I look like physically; this can be to my advantage. My profile text is lenghty and I doubt anybody will read it entirely; I think it’ll weird people out; that’s ok. I’m used to that. There ain’t two of me’s out there, I believe i’m quite unique; hence if you have a chance to spend a moment with me, either you’ll like me or not, something interesting will happen. I AM TRUE.

Bottom line: if I was in Montreal I wouldn’t feel the need for such a medium as online dating. Here in Golden, with rednecks and bums galore (don’t get me wrong there ARE interesting people here..), and me working from home (i don’t meet a lot of people that way!!) well, the situation is different.

Peace. Love to the world!

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