the definition of the soul (II)

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(part 1)

as it turns out I was to leave my body many times in the following years. It is hard to understand how much of your soul actually leaves the body and how much stays in. In past years I had left my body a few times; only partially. I would travel to far away lands; mostly while having a close relationship with the weather.

My soul leaves my body mostly when I’m very sad or very happy. When i’m sad it seeks answers and provides a different point of vue to bring back inside with which I can learn. When I am ecstatic I feel so light that suddenly pop, I’m out there.

In the year before living with Reuven and Jen, I lived in a house in Mont-Saint-Hilaire. There I frequently left my body at night, seeking for thruths but only partially did I leave. I would go far far away and interact with weather (this is a whole other subject; see the earth is a living creature so you can interact with it). In december of 2003 I left my body and travelled in time, seeing that as soon as I left my house it would start raining in the area. So far we had tons of snow, 70 centimeters in one day-storm. I love snow you see.

That night I saw the rain fall in the fields surrounding Mont-St-Hilaire until there would be no snow left in those fields. I floated around like the ghost in the Scrooge animated cartoon who takes Mr. Scrooge to see his family on the night of christmas. The next day I knew it was going to happen, i was saddened! Indeed as soon as I left my home on december 22nd to go see my family for christmas, it started to rain. And rain it did, all through winter. Such a loss! All that beautiful snow!
While living with Reuven there is one night where I partially left my body; i was seeking answers to a computer problem with my Acer TravelMate 426LC. When it went into sleep mode it and then I reanimated it again, playing movies would cause a failure in the display driver of the ATI Video card. I saw that night that it is the video memory that gets corrupted by the sleep process and it’s impossible for the driver to recover properly afterwards. Anything animated (movies & games) will make the computer freeze and then Windows reports a failure in the display driver.

I also saw how Reuven perceived me. This is confidential in nature; you see some people think i’m a Playboy. He did. It’s particularly interesting to see how other people see you through their eyes, the image being distorted by their perception of what you are and who you are. In his mind’s eye I was much more beautiful than I thought myself to be, like a movie star.
(to be continued)


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