the new “Quik”

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which has vitamins added, namely vitamin C, and pretends to offer the same great taste; well it doesn’t. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO LIE SO OBVIOUSLY?

Same thing goes for the new Mountain Dew Energy Drink. YARK CACA, disgusting. I don’t understand how they think that by saying “SAME GREAT TASTE” in large letters people will believe it even if it’s not true?

When you ADD THINGS to a mixture, no matter WHAT IT IS, the taste is CHANGED and possibly the TEXTURE TOO. Gee, didn’t they learn that in kindergarden?

I don’t drink these things very often, but I do appreciate them once in a while; and it’s a disgrace how the marketing warlords think nowadays, we are not stupid muppets. I am not anyhow.

As for adding vitamins, if they do it for their conscience (they probably only do it to attract new consumers.. money wins over conscience any day), they should lower the sugar content and make it a dark chololate type of drink instead of adding vitamins. It’s proven the body doesn’t assimilate vitamins unless they are linked to a certain context, hence those pills everybody takes don’t do much. The context you need to assimilate vitamins positively is a FRUIT or VEGETABLE or FAT. And what could be better than a nice fresh ORANGE or a TOMATO. Not a chocolate milk. Hmm, i’m driking foul tasting chocolate milk, but atleast i’m taking in some VITAMINS!

Dumb asses.


  • June 5, 2006 at 7:57 am

    Chee Ming

    If someone is able to tell a lie even semi-convincingly for a long a period of time, then certain people will believe in it; in this case, they’ll BUY and DRINK it, and that SOMEONE is a corporate entity called Nestlé. Fortunately, there are still many sober people out there who aren’t blinded by marketing-fueled opium. In essence, I agree with you in that corporations and especially the people who chair their boards have the distinct ability to insult their average consumers’ (muppets’) intelligence. The sad part is, sometimes even the intelligent folks allow themselves to be fooled, again and again.

    I think corporations are designed as modern-day methaphors for ancient feudal states anywhere in the world. There are so many parallels one can draw to compare the two. With the threat of globalization, we are left to wonder what an emperialistic governing corporation would do to try to make sure we buy more of their useless foul-tasting crap. Hmm, I wonder…

    *killing time at work*

  • June 5, 2006 at 10:44 pm


    CHEE MING!! write more, I encourage you to write much much more, I like your ideas!! And yes globalization is yet another variation of domination; only they make us think it is not.

    I encourage you to read AdBusters, in case you don’t already; it is GREAT that way. It is the journal of mental health, they compare advertising to empty calories.. tis good!

  • December 7, 2008 at 12:49 pm

    Anaely Acevedo

    Hello webmaster. Nice! Really caouldn\’t agree more REGARDING \”the new “Quik”\”. I really liked it a lot. Try chocolate and vitamins. Thanks.

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