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I believe i finally understood the energy i feel when I lay on my back at night. The exercise is simple, although I think it takes a while to develop the skills (a good 5 years for me).

Lay on your back, palms open and facing up, legs spread beyond shoulder width, and arms equally spread on each side. Lay there for a while; it takes 2 to 5 minutes for me to start feeling the energy.

It can be a good idea to put one of your palms on your solar plexus (stomach if you prefer, where on the lower part of your rib cage, in the middle.

For years i thought it was an energy I couldn’t accept properly, and it sometimes felt like my soul wanted to leave my body. (this happens sometimes, but I don’t control it). When I feel good about myself, usually when I am with a women I appreciate after a few hours of bounding that energy doesn’t bother me. But when I am alone and trying to sleep, it’ll keep me awake all night.

Last night it felt like vegetables were growing out of my arms, legs, and whole body. My third eye (the real function for sinuses) was hurting a little; information was trying to seep in.

So I believe that energy I feel is the mysterious energy which drives vegetable growth. To grow out of the earth, to expand their roots, to always go higher and higher. Vegetation is necessary for all life on this planet, from the most miniscule phytoplancton to the biggest trees. And so in order to become a life bearing planet we need it, and the energy driving it comes from somewhere.

Today’s science is incomplete; hence the level of unhappiness in the world. Do NOT let yourself be constrained by modern science, there is a whole wide world to be explored out there, where a humangous quantity of things can’t be explained by modern science; the spark of life being one. THEY NEVER MANAGED TO CREATE LIFE OUT OF ‘acides animés’. We can manipulate life, but we can’t recreate the original spark. This spark isn’t ours to understand yet, we are clearly not ready.


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    dis, c’est pas possible d’écire en Français un peu tout ça… tu sais bien, de l’autre côté de l’Atlantique, on ne fait pas partie des meilleurs dans le langue de shakespeare… oh?? on écrit comme ça?? 😉

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    A spark is like a thought that grows… you can let it float away, eventually to extinguish itself, once there is nothing left to burn… but if you allow it to touch something easily combustible, if you engage it, it will turn from a spark to a flame. Similarly, if you engage with a thought, feed it materials, it will grow… the negative the same as the positive thoughts.

    We must focus our energy, materials, third eye on beautiful, strong, and pure thoughts… imagine the world you want to live in… dream about your future friends and lovers… contemplate the wonder of nature. The more materials we provide these thoughts with, the more they are able to burn and grow into a flame.

    So, while we cannot recreate the original spark, we can add fuel to the fire. That is where we make our choices. Do we spend our energy talking about the problems in the world, or do we work towards changing it?! One person at a time, one garden plot at a time.

    Yes, the life energy is in all living things, especially our vegetative friends. Everything I yearn to touch, with the exception of occasionally the telephone and keyboard, has this life energy… Isn’t it funny how we are drawn to wooden spoons more than plastic ones? I think it’s because there is still remenants of that life energy in the wood, even if they are just physical memories that remain. Dipping your fingers into a stream, digging in the garden, sticking your toes in the mud, biting into a fresh peach… when you are sensitive to it, the energy is almost overwhelming!

    Thankfully, I believe that when our souls become complete they are reabsorbed back into this life energy, the universe and become one again with all that is alive. Our souls run into roadblocks along the way, restricting their growth, preventing them from reaching completion. However, the universe is conspiring for our souls to be complete, so if we act true to what our heart tells us, we know that we are on the way to higher levels of being, just that much closer to completion. Really, it is that simple.


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