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so I thought I’d share with you two incredible underground bands : Plaster (from Montreal) and My Diet Pill (from France somewhere). Both do english music, well I don’t think there are any lyrics in the Plaster songs; I recently ordered their CD but it takes forever for mail to reach the boonies of GOLDENcity-beach.


I first heard them at the NuJazz festival in montreal. They had quite an interesting line-up of bands and clearly Plaster stood out; to me they won. They won my heart, they are great! They play live drum-and-bass with REAL instruments, you should see the drummer go, it’s incredible. Their vibe is one to dance on, it is powerful and well maintained, it keeps you going and going and going, like the energizer bunny.

When their show ended, there was one encore. But I didn’t have enough; while everybody was starting to spread out thinking it was over, I kept shouting, cheering, probably dancing too.. after a few minutes a few people came back towards the stage and joined me and THEY CAME BACK. ahh such good music, we had 2 more encores after that if I recall correctly. They enjoyed our energy, we enjoyed theirs. wow.

They do tour around Quebec, go see them. Wether you like drum and bass or not, they are good; if you like to dance.. this band stands several magnitudes above House music; house is crap in my opinion. It’s the music of tease, and we sure do live in a society of teases.. another subject, another time.

My Diet Pill

While I don’t have as much to say about My Diet Pill as I did with Plaster, i can tell you this: they produce what is called in french ‘tubes’ which means catchy songs; and their music isn’t redundant, all the songs are different from one another!! THAT just that, a band which plays such a large spectrum of emotions, is worth MILLIONS. Lets hope they can get known. They should come to Canada, I’d set up shows for them (well I’d try… ;))!


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