so I met Mike McPhee today..

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Mike is the Marketing Project Manager at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, my home mountain here in Golden. While Mike seems like a nice guy, I learned more information on the ‘total website revamp’ they are planning; release date is Sept 1st, 2006. The website budget makes this contract attractive. The part of the budget allowed to maintenance is almost half the contract, maybe the other comapny was afraid to charge too much up front.

I had estimated between 15k and 20k for the website. After answering his question: “So how much do you think it would cost to build the website as it is?” I always ask back: “Now that you know my estimate it would only be fair to know about your current budget!”. A few years ago I wouldn’t have had the guts to ask such a question, but today I do. And hell yeah, i’m entitled to!

The conclusion of the meeting was that i am the ‘most qualified guy in Golden’. Thanks Mike! Mike wants to hire somebody to do the work in-house while his boss prefers outsourcing: it is cleaner. Less complications, less obligations, less engagement. An employee of a ski resort has quite a lot of benefits like staff prices everywhere, free seasons pass. I already bought my season pass for a meager 480$ CAN tax included. Anybody who knows me knows I’m not a good employee; I work at irregular hours, i am not always happy to come into work and I prefer to stand out for myself than for the company I work for. Still staff prices at the cafeteria and the bars WOULD be an awesome perk.

So i’ll know in a few weeks. They currently hire Driven. I had researched them out before coming out here, them being the closest there is to a company I could work together with; but they are not up to par. They still have a lot to learn; quite a lot in fact.

I had heard that Sunshine Village paid 100k for their website. It isn’t all that great, don’t you think? For 100k I would make them an INCREDIBLE website. It was developed by Critical Mass of Calgary; I guess prices in calgary are inflated in all domains. Well, I don’t like that ski area, it reminds me of out east except with snow and more storms. In fact there is very rarely any sun at Sunshine Village.

Oh, so I now bear a cleanly shaved face. I wore nice clothes, prepared quite a demonstration (took 2 hours!) for this meeting. Well 2 hours ain’t that much really; but…

Martin Legris - Le 9 mai 2006 - PUS DE BARBE!

J’ai l’impression que c’est têteux de se raser pour un meeting du genre, mais je sais bien que c’est indispensable. La dernière fois que je me suis rasé ça a été pour la conférence PHP Québec 2006. Bref les gens ne me voient jamais la ‘face’ à nu, quand je suis allé à l’épicerie Paige la jolie caissière est resté surprise un bon 5 secondes! mmm Paige, si seulement tu avais quelques années de plus…

So let’s hope for the best. I’m not sure I WANT this contract on top of all the work I have planned over the summer. It would be a lucrative summer. I think i’ll need help!! 😉

  • February 25, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    Mike McPhee

    I recently came accross this blog. It contain confidential info which was just between you and me when we met. You should never post details from meetings with potential Clients. Please erase immediately!


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