hosting-unlimited… not!

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one of my clients is hosted at They offer a great bang for the buck, 29 UK pounds for one year of hosting; I mean that’s a great deal. Their system offers CPanel for complete self-administration, a little restrictive on some aspects like 5 email accounts only, 500mb of storing, 5 mysql databases and you are not allowed to host multiple domains.

They use a system for billing called premium billing; basically everything is automated and they offer no phone support. It takes them 1 day or two to answer questions.

Recently she got her account suspended; she hadn’t paid her yearly fee. It was due on April 30th, and they suspended her on may 2nd. It took 4 DAYS to fix this issue, all of it happened because the email address she had used to create her account wasn’t active anymore. Hence she didn’t receive the notices. But couldn’t they try calling her? Or using the email account on the hosting account? No. Couldn’t they be understanding and put the website up right away when she got in touch with them; while she got around to paying? No. They were complete idiots when it comes to understanding their clients needs. They don’t care. They follow procedures and that’s it.

So I give them a two star rating out of five. If everything goes well and is in order, excellent. If anything goes wrong, man you’re in trouble!!



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