road biking vs mountain biking!

0 personal  |   May 4, 2006  |     481

here we go again! why can’t they get along? I don’t know. In fact for me road biking doesn’t even EXIST. I love mountain biking, i love going cross-country mountainbiking to be more exact. I love going uphill for 10 seconds, around a corner, downhill for 5, another corner. I love the thight trails, the thighter the better. I love spending time inside of nature, not on the border of an infinite road; being alone and submerged in trees, insects, dirt, mud, creeks. The closer to the earth the better.. the windier the trail the better, the more roots the better.

What do I come to understand out of it? Well everything I like is opposite from road biking. But this guy, Jerome of Summit Cycle here (he’s a goldenite like me) who runs a mountain bike shop and has mountain biked for years and years and years well he says that road biking is excellent; in fact he does it more than he does mountain biking. Well Jerome, maybe your right, but I will never know cause road biking doesn’t exist!



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