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This morning I was sitting on my rear deck, talking about everything and nothing with my roommate Dave. It was a gorgeous morning, the sky was azure blue, the moutains are still filled with snow, the mosquitos aren’t out yet! Lovely you see, except for one small detail: the sound of lawnmowers.

See, we call ourselves evolved creatures, we even go further and pretend to be intelligent. Yes how in the world is lawnmowing intelligent? I mean, think about it. How long have we been doing it? How much time gets wasted mowing the lawn and even worst, do you realize how bad it is for the environment?

You’d think that with the science of genetically modifying things, we’d have thought about making grass that doesn’t grow past the inch and half we want it to be; and good riddance! Oh, i know. All those couples who can’t stand each other will be at loss, the husband won’t have an excuse to escape the house every sunday morning after sex. Well have him find something else to do!

Do you realize that a lawnmower is much much worst for the environment than your standard car? And a car doesn’t score very high, as you know. Then WHY are we still mowing lawns? Couldn’t we put something else instead of grass? What is the standard length of the life-cycle of a lawnmower?

Don’t even try to patronize me saying it would kill a sector of the economy; hence that is why we don’t do it. Wouldn’t everybody prefer to be freed from such a job as dealing with lawnmowers and have to learn another (more interesting, thank you) trade? I mean, how challenging are lawnmowers.

Did I mention they stink too? Burning gasoline with oil isn’t the most brilliant of ideas.

Let me recapitulate:

  • Lawnmowers are noisy and disturb neighbourhood peace
  • Lawnmowers stink
  • Lawnmowers pollute during operation
  • Lawnmowers pollute when you produce them, and when we trash them

The only plus side of lawnmowing is freshly mowed grass smells good.. otherwise. Oh and don’t get me started on golf courses, places where the lawn gets mowed every day! Crazy!

If anybody has stats on how much pollution a lawnmower causes versus the standard car, please post them. The world needs to know.

Oh and it was a beautiful day. it’s just little things like this that slowly hack their way into my brain and no matter how hard I try to understand I can’t seem to. It would be great to know other people out there are like me: dreaming of a better world and ready to start with their everyday life.


  • April 30, 2006 at 4:41 pm


    Lets see now...why do people mow they lawn? It probably goes back to the time when they had to mow the fields so they could eat. But I guess that doesnt apply anymore. So I guess its just a selfish half-hour a week "thing". Now, lets just hope they don`t get the idea to put wheels on these motors and start going all over the country, “mowing the road”. Then, we would be in trouble!
    Pierre 😉

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